Cam-X Spectra

Cam-X Spectra tool being used on a patient Cam-X Spectra Cam-X Spectra screenshot

To all of our wonderful patients:

We want to inform you of our latest high-tech addition to our office. The amazing device is our Cam-X Spectra wand. The Cam-X will detect decay on the pits and fissures of teeth. These areas cannot be found with the typical instruments we use today, such as the sharp explorer. The Cam-X beams a fluorescent light on the biting surface of the tooth. On the monitor set up through our computer a color mapping of the surface is shown. A distinct red color indicates decay that should be treated. As dentists we were guessing or just using our judgement as to when to treat. Now the Cam-X gives us a definitive diagnosis. In this way, again we can treat minimally with tooth colored sealants, in most cases without drilling and without numbing the tooth.

Isn’t this technology amazing. I am so fortunate to be practicing in this era of conservative, preventive dentistry, and our patients are the beneficiaries.