CariVu screenshot

To all of our wonderful patients:

CariVu tool

We want to inform you of our latest high-tech addition to our office. It is called the CariVu. It is an infrared light that beams an intense light between the teeth. The light can detect early and small decay incarivu the areas between the teeth that the naked eye nor even x-rays can detect. What we are trying to do is to find the decay, either treat it minimally, or just keep an eye on it for the future. You can co-diagnosis with us and decide with our help whether treatment is warranted at this time or not. We can take a picture of what we’re seeing in real time and then store it in your file for comparison later. What is great about this new technology is that it is almost 100% accurate, whereas digital x-rays which we have are about 50% accurate.There is also no radiation used. It is appropriate for everyone, particularly patients who refuse x-rays or pregnant women.

Isn’t this technology amazing. I am so fortunate to be practicing in this era of conservative, preventive dentistry, and our patients are the beneficiaries