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My email to Dr. Steve Rasner, course director of the recent 2-day course I took “Atraumatic Extractions of Difficult Teeth.”

Dr. Steve Rasner Andrew P. Galante, DMD, MAGD

Please don’t think you have to respond to this email I know how busy you must be. I want to thank you for the article you wrote for “Dentistry Today.” I want to beat the Dentist who was your oldest student at 82. I have implemented all the techniques and purchased all the equipment you recommended at the last course I took from you. Thank you for putting my quote in your ad. That is my 10 seconds of fame, If I can do anymore, just let me know.

Dr. Rasner’s Response,
Hi Andrew, I hope you realize how much I cherish emails like yours and for that matter your beautiful old fashion class. You’re quite a guy. Your family, your community, and our profession are fortunate to have you!
Stay in touch,

Hi Guys,man in cat costume

First I thought I would send you a bit of background and testimonial. Feel free to use any part of this as you see fit. After that, I included three photos of me in my CATS costume. As you all are aware, I am a total CATS fanatic and have now seen CATS 358 times as of September 24th 2017. The current revival in New York, from a cast point of view, is the very best I have ever seen. The set was bigger and better at The Winter Garden where CATS ran for 18 years but these actors/dancers/singers are the best! Too bad it closes in New York on December 30th!
Dr Galante was recommended by a friend at Bell Labs way back around 1985. On my first visit to his office, he asked me what I expected of him. No dentist I had ever gone to had asked that question! My goal is to keep the teeth I have in my mouth preferably for my lifetime. He felt he could certainly help with that. I noted that, unlike EVERY other dentist I had ever been to, Dr Galante did not insist that I go through orthodontia. I asked about that and he said I could certainly benefit from that and, if it was a cosmetic concern, we could proceed. With that not being my concern, he assured me my teeth could last a lifetime without orthodontia if we just keep and eye on things. We have been doing that for over 30 years and I still have all my teeth!

I am so impressed with Dr Galante’s concern for the patient. I am also astounded at how he has always kept up with the latest developments in dentistry. Almost every time I go to his office there is some new piece of equipment to better serve his patients. 

Over the years I have made believers of many friends and coworkers. 

I have a friend from the Netherlands who moved here in the 1980s. For a couple of days he was complaining about a really bad tooth ache. I suggested he see Dr. Galante right away to which he replied “you don’t go to a dentist. All they do is pull out the bad tooth and cause more pain”. The pain got so bad that he finally saw Dr. Galante who took care of the many problems he found and without removing any teeth. This guy, and now his wife and daughter still visit Dr. Galante twice a year.

I have another friend born and raised in this area. She was complaining about a tooth problem and said that, in all these years, she has just never found a dentist whose work she could trust . I suggested Dr. Galante with whom she is thrilled and is now a regular customer.

My father was passing through here on his way from Florida to Maine many many years ago. While at my house he snapped off a bicuspid. I rushed Dad to Dr. Galante. The break would be a difficult repair and require a few visits to take care of properly. He made a temporary repair stating that it would likely only hold for a short while but certainly long enough for my Dad to finish his trip and get back to his dentist in Maine. Dr. Galante was right. The “temporary” repair only lasted SEVENTEEN years!! Wouldn’t you know, that tooth broke again when my Dad was visiting me so Dr. Galante got to fix it a second time. The second repair lasted for the rest of my Dad’s life. 

Here are some photos of me in my CATS costume. The intent was to make a costume “similar to” the ones in CATS the musical but not a copy of a character. I’ve had a lot of fun with this since the idea first came up in 1992.