Three Pillars of Health

I took this picture of the corner of a recently built house, from the road, where my wife Livia and I ride our bikes. The three pillars supporting the overhang of this beautiful patio brought to my attention a very important health concept to me. These three pillars are a foundation for strength, you might say, for the health of this house’s patio. Just as important as these pillars are to this house, the three pillars of health are vital to the well-being and longevity of a human being. And the three pillars of health are balanced diet, proper exercise, and restful undisturbed sleep. I believe that the one pillar of health that gets short shrift is sleep. We all have cut that out at one time or another, but good sleep can repair, rejuvenate, and heal us in many ways.

Dr. Galante, after taking a mini-residency in Dental Sleep Medicine at Tuft’s University, and belonging to several study clubs that specialize in training dentists how to treat snoring and sleep apnea, has a large amount of knowledge on how to treat this serious problem. We want our patients to be the healthiest, most energetic, and happiest that they can be.